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Why am I here??!

You have been directed here from because has been absorbed by The same developer (me!) is behind both sites and I couldn't see the point in maintaining 2 sites when everything from could be amalgamated into

Most of the useful content from has been migrated to We have a Knowledge Base section which has most of the technical resources from, and an Our Projects section which has all the articles from's Journal section.

If you arrived at this page expecting to see a technical article then that article has probably been deleted as some of the content on has not been carried over to for various reasons. If you think there are some glaring omissions in the information on this site then please let us know - or even better write an article for us to publish!

So what's all about then?

The idea for began in September 2008 when we wanted to bring all the information from tuning and club forums into one place.

We were very aware that forums, while still very useful lacked the user experience of more modern web communications and social platforms.

So by November 2008 we began working on While developing this site for our users we still went to work, 9 till 5 every day, and we still do! isn't owned by a company, has no investors and no external entity influencing the site.

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John Player & Rob Green
Creators, programmers, designers, JDM Enthusiasts

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