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RB25 conversion Stage 16 - Wiring the injectors projects RSS feed

Most of the R32 loom fits straight on to the RB25 when doing this conversion, but the injector plugs for the RB25 need to be cut and shut on to the RB20 injector loom. Here's the standard RB20 plugs...

Here's the RB25 injector loom...

There are 3 plugs on the main loom on the RB20, and 3 plugs on an injector sub-loom. Each injector has a positive and negative wire, on the RB25 the negatives are all grey and on the RB20 the negatives are all white with a black stripe. As long as you make sure all the negatives are paired correctly the positives will sort themselves out. Solder the plugs on and we're done.

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