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With very few exceptions, every model in the Subaru Impreza/WRX line-up is a belter. Thanks to a rally-proven drivetrain and symmetrical AWD, it’s a car that begs to be driven hard. With that in mind, Italian brake manufacturer Tarox has the perfect upgrade for all model years in the form of its uprated disc and pad sets. These kits offer a direct replacement to the OEM parts – but with significantly greater performance and much less tendency to fade. All factory 2-pot, 4 pot and Brembo caliper applications are available in a wide range of disc designs and friction materials.

The Brembo replacement kit offers significantly higher performance then the OEM parts, yet costs almost half the RRP of the genuine article. This disc is also dual-drilled to fit both 5/100 and 5/114 hubs, to cater for both early and late STi models. This kit, as well as the 4-pot kit, also comes with full ABE accreditation, which is equivalent in standing to the more commonly known TUV certificate.

Each disc undergoes a structural stress-relieving heat treatment at the end of each machining cycle which increases durability and massively reduces the risk of warping under repeated heavy braking.

All discs are CNC machine-faced for the perfect braking surface, down to a tolerance of 0.015mm, not only resulting in the perfect performance, but also the perfect finish, to accentuate the overall look of the car. Then, each disc is individually balanced, before being coating with Tarox’s unique anti-corrosion treatment to protect the unswept areas of the disc.

Four styles are available. The OEM-esque ‘Zero’ with its factory good looks, the diagonally vented ‘G88’, the JDM inspired ‘Sport Japan’ and the classic, spirally grooved ‘F2000’.

The perfect discs need the perfect pads, and here Tarox have ticked all of the boxes, too. Corsa, Strada or Competizione pads range from mild to wild, allowing enthusiasts the ability to tailor their cars’ braking performance to suit their driving style and usage. Strada is perfect for fast road use. Corsa offers the perfect compromise for cars that live dual lives on road and circuit, whilst Competizione’s proven friction material delivers race-winning performance in circuit environments where nothing else matters but ultimate performance.

Prices start from just £219+VAT for a pair of any of the disc designs and pads start from £85 + VAT. Nothing increases driver confidence like a set of decent brakes, so if you want to increase safety – or decrease lap times – and don’t want the expense of a full big brake kit, then these are the perfect upgrade.

For more information on the Tarox range, please click to or call 0870 7772727

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